Thursday, 20 May 2010

'Will you marry me...?'

Okay, so I know I'm supposed to be revising right now but shhh, a couple of minutes wont hurt right? Right? Ahh.
Sometimes I think I should write a book on my life. Or at least some of the weird things that seem to happen to me and my friends. Seriously, some of the stuff is priceless. Like this one time, I was sat in the library and decided to take a break. Biiig mistake. I found myself a couple of couches that were free and so I just sat down listening to some music when this man comes up, who I've seen around before, and sits opposite me and strikes up a conversation with me. Fair enough right? Or maybe I'm just too kind and didn't tell him to go away. Either way we started talking about uni and exams and stuff then... silence... And he says 'so how old are you?, do you have a boyfriend?' Alarm bells were going off in my head like ohh dear. Because even though he said he was 23, he looked about 30.
'I'm 19'
'So you don't have a boyfriend?'
'errm...' (I am crap at lying!)
'I was just wondering if... are you looking for anyone or interested in getting married because I think it's time for me to get married now and you seem like the type of girl that I would like to marry... so young and fresh...'
OH DEAR, Did he he actually just said that?? Yes, he did. Ohh and there is more:
'And I know girls are picky when it comes to guys but sometimes in life we don't always get what we want so maybe you should just settle for me...'
I really didn't know what to say. I mean what could I say to that? So I just laughed it off and said I was only 19 and that marriage wasn't high on the agenda right now. He looked at me like this did not matter one little bit.
All I wanted to do was take a break!
Oh yeah, and I told my mum what happened, her response - 'Why would he want to marry you??' LOVE IT, haha.