Sunday, 30 September 2012

'Anderson Cooper is a gorgeous man...'

I recently came across TED Talks – a website dedicated to showcasing ‘ideas worth spreading’ - and really wanted to share it with you guys. Most of you may be aware of the site but if not, TED stands for ‘Technology, Entertainment, Design’ and holds three annual conferences, two in California and one in Edinburgh every summer.  These talks aim to showcase some of the world’s best thinkers in technology, entertainment and design and provide us with new ideas and ways of thinking about things in our lives. 

The website makes these words of wisdom available, free, for the world to watch and I spent literally hours going through their archive. Check out a few of my favourite talks that I stumbled across!

'Unlock the intelligence, passion and greatness of girls'

'Try something new for 30 days'

'Before I die I want to...'
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'The power of introverts'

'If I should have a daughter...'

Enjoy and hope you guys have had a great weekend!