Thursday 12 January 2012

'How to Revise For Dummies...'

AHHH! Mid January is always a time of dread for most students, it can mean only one thing – EXAMS!! Revision, stress and countless cups of coffee/tea/red bull eagerly awaits you. Oh the joy.  This is my seventh and final (iA) year of January exams and while they say experience is the best way to learn, every year I find myself stressing to the max, an activity that just results in frantic nail biting, constant headaches and just lack of sleep.  Whether you like it or not, exams are an integral part of student life so here are some tips I hope will help and prevent you from pulling your hair out from sheer stress at the fact that those exams will determine your future forever. Forever. No pressure.

-          Step away from the phone. Turn it off, keep it in another room if you have to, so you are not tempted to pick it up and see if you have any new texts/BBM’s/emails/missed calls/tweets since five minutes ago when you last checked.  You are not that popular, ok?
-          Make sure you are comfortable. But not too comfortable. Don’t sit in your room with the heating on full blast otherwise five minutes into that chapter and you just convince yourself you need a nap in your oh so lovely and warm room.
-          Sit at a desk. It seems of a bit of a no-brainer but, hands up, I’m not the only one who’s convinced myself I can do just the same amount of work lying on the floor, or worse, in bed right? Right?
-          Play some music. In headphones or on in the background either way make sure it’s quiet and something easy to listen to. Classical music is supposedly the best type to listen to when studying. None of this hardcore RnB/Urban/Grime. Save that for the parties, not the books.
-          If you don’t need the internet, switch it off. It is all too tempting to just ‘check’ your facebook/email/whatever else you search. Two hours later and you are watching ‘how to’ videos on YouTube wondering where the time went...
-          Eat. Again, another no-brainer but the amount of times I forget to eat is ridiculous. I would say exam time is the only few times in the year you can binge on food and get away with it; just blame it on the stress. 4th chocolate bar? Go ahead; it’ll make you feel better after that chapter you just read.
-          Stop day dreaming about what you’re going to do after exams are over. They aren’t over yet so stop staring out the window and move on to the next chapter already.
-          Regular breaks. Do it right and set yourself times for each break or nap and make sure you stick to it.
-          Just do it. It is very easy to complain about how much you have to do, how it’s not fair, how you should be having fun with your life. Well you have two options here; either drop out of school/college/university or just get on with it!
-          And finally, if you are reading this instead of revising, get back to work!

Good luck to you guys having to deal with coursework or exams. Just a couple of weeks and you shall be FREEEE :)
I hope everyone had a great new year and plan to make it the best one yet. University has kind of taken over blogging for a while which sucks but hopefully I shall try plan some time out and keep posting!

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