Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Nasty Gal Spring 2013 Collection

I don't know what I love more, the clothes or the model (how cool does she look??!).  I know it's pricey but The Nasty Gal Spring Collection is just lovely. I love the super cool beach wear teamed with sporty luxe wear making for effortless style and outfits that can be easily thrown together to create a really laid-back yet fashion-forward outfit.  No fuss, no non-sense style for summer - I like it!  The collection defo offers some inspiration for my summer wardrobe; I am loving the outfits in images one, four, five and six. Which are your favourite pieces and which ones will be inspiring your wardrobe this summer?

Before I forget, we have our third street style video out over at TrendTV Nottingham. If you're looking for street style inspiration, check it out and let us know what you think!

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Sisters (and brothers) are doing it for themselves.

Image Source: BBC Radio 1

On Sunday 13th January 2013, Youtube sensations Dan and Phil became hosts of BBC Radio 1's weekly request show, taking over from the lovely Jameela Jamil. After working for Radio 1 on and off for about a year they were finally given their own show, allowing them to make the transition from YouTube to Radio.  This is just one success story, out of the many, that comes to mind and it is evident that, while browsing through YouTube and blogspot, many of us have found ways to get our channels and blogs noticed and capitalise on this at the same time.  Whether it is by advertising, sponsorship, reviews or attending events, our blogs and channels are able to offer us something extra that wouldn't be possible through just our studies or jobs alone.  I'm sure many of us do not set up blogs or channels with the sole intention of becoming 'the next big thing', but simply because it is something we enjoy doing. Motivation for Dan and Phil, I'm sure, which has now bagged them a pretty cool job on the Radio 1 station!  What I take from this is that, despite the current economic climate, we are taking control, harnessing certain opportunities and we are determined to shape our own futures, one way or another. Because of this, we are being called The Beta Generation - a whole new group of social entrepreneurs who are ready to try out new things and take our hobbies and skills to the next level.

What's great about this is that it is definitely not restricted to media but can take any shape or form.  For example, we are taking matters into our own hands and creating our own online stores and boutiques through the likes of social media and websites such as Etsy and Shopify - allowing us to turn our hobbies and skills into something more.  I can give a couple of examples of people I know who have decided to start up their own small businesses, alongside their studies, which incorporates what they love and offers a small way to make extra money. One, having set up her own jewelry collection another, her own nail art service, while another, her own cupcake business.  Again, these are small examples but are definitely embracing the entrepreneurial spirit of this Beta Generation. That is, not waiting around for someone to offer the job, but to create it ourselves.

Have any of you decided to take a hobby or skill to the next level and offer your services to others?  What opportunities have you gained from your blogs and YouTube channels that wouldn't have otherwise been available for you?  Success stories like Dan and Phil show how, if done correctly, taking matters into our own hands, creating our own opportunities and opening our own doors can be 100% more effective than waiting for the doors to open themselves. If you want to find out more, check out this article.

I just want to say a MASSIVE thank you to those of you who have either checked out, subscribed, commented on or liked my TrendTV Nottingham channel. We love the support so far and so excited that people are enjoying it! We have big plans for the channel so make sure to keep checking back!

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Framed inspiration from Pinterest

Pinterest is my go to place for home inspiration, it's amazing and I can't believe I've only just made an account! Today, it's all about framed inspiration.
All images sourced from Pinterest

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Sunday, 17 February 2013

London Fashion Week // Street Style

London Fashion Week has only been on for two days and I am already seeing so many great posts from the past few days that I've loved. Even though I'm not there I feel like I can re-live it through some of my favourite bloggers.
I just wanted to share with you guys a few of the street style/outfit posts from my fave bloggers who have attended events at LFW so far. All images are sourced from their personal blogs and all links will be provided. Enjoy! 

She Wears Fashion

Beauty Crush
London's Closet

I'm excited to read more posts as they come through the week and keep up to date with all the shows and stuff. Are you guys keeping up to date too and have you seen any great posts about it so far? I'd love to read some more.
Have a good week guys!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

With Grace in your heart and flowers in your hair // Morning Musings

I realise that this will be quite an intense post compared to a couple of my previous ones but it's something I've got to thinking about over the past couple of weeks after something happened at work with a customer. It wasn't anything major but it really bugged me and got my mind working overtime!

Sometimes people can make you feel bad for who you are, your personality or what you like or find interesting etc. Or they can just make you question yourself and your abilities alot. You may know this person really well or not at all and they may mean to make you feel this way or they may actually have no idea what they are doing. It's quite interesting how this can happen; how the words or reactions of somebody else can have a negative impact on you and how you feel about yourself. It can happen in the most subtle of ways that it can often be missed. A big part of this is how you react to these people and these situations and if you, in a way, give them permission to make you feel bad about yourself. Without realising, the actions or words of somebody else can have the greatest impact on you and even stick with you for a lifetime. While writing this, I can think of loads of personal examples that just come flooding back.  I suppose the most common examples that a majority of us would have experienced would be while at school, work or among a group of friends and someone blurts out that one comment. That comment about you, your abilities, the way you look or dress... anything really. And in that very moment it can be so easy to get sucked into what they have said, to think about it over and over and to believe it and eventually let it affect you.

The fact of the matter is that the only person who should have control over how you feel about yourself is you and only you. Ultimately you have power over how you feel so other peoples judgements or comments can only affect you if you allow it to. If you give them permission to.   This in itself shows that you are in control of the situation and your feelings. Feeling bad about yourself is something that shouldn't happen unless, of course, you are causing harm or danger to yourself or those around you.  Feelings are subjective to each person so you can't hand over your own to somebody else to mess about with. I understand it is a lot easier said than done! But sometimes the first step can be just acknowledging everything about yourself, the good and bad, and just letting yourself know that 'this is who I am.' or that 'this is and always will be a part of who I am' - there is no need to hid from that or become almost apologetic about it if it comes up again in the future.  You don't have to apologise and you don't have to let others dictate how you feel. It is about you, after all.
I wonder if any of you have experienced this or something similar and know exactly what I am talking about? I'd love to hear if you have!

In other news, those of you who read my previous post will know that GavinaMichayla and myself have joined forces to set up TrendTV! We now have a Facebook page if you would like to check it out and we have uploaded a second video which you can check out here. Enjoy!

Monday, 4 February 2013

EXCITING NEWS!!! | An Introduction to TrendTV

So a couple of posts ago I mentioned that I was embarking on a little YouTube project and now I can finally reveal all! Myself, Gavina and Michayla have set up TrendTV which is just a little channel to make Street Style videos in and around the city we live, which is Nottingham. We've seen LOADS of Street Style posts recently and thought it would be a good idea to set this up and bring you Street Style in video format. Below is our first ever video which is just an introduction to our channel. Check it out! 

We had SO much fun filming it and as this was mine and Michayla's first times in front of the camera (Gavina is a pro) so there were lots of giggles to be had. Like I said it is the first video so we hope to be filming a new one every week so if you liked this one I hope you help support us by subscribing, giving it a thumbs up and sharing it around. 
If you are in Nottingham and would be interested in appearing in a video, let us know!
We hope you like it!