Friday, 22 August 2014

A Few Moments With: Hannah Valentine // Interview #9

My blogger interview series is officially back and this post is all about the absolute babe that is Hannah Valentine.  Hannah's blog is the place you want to be on a Sunday afternoon, cup of tea in hand, reading through her style inspo, catching up on the places she's been and getting inspiration from her outfit posts for the week ahead. With the classic black mixed with interesting prints or unique footwear to really make it her own, Hannah's style gives off a very laid back vibe which is great for everyday. I've loved that about following her blog - seeing style that anyone can find inspiration from but still managing to keep her style unique and varied.  To find out more, I decided to ask Hannah about her personal style, studying Graphic Design at University and her inspirations - both fashion and design related.


Hello Hannah! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
I'm a 19 year old Graphic Design student from Manchester with a major love for Amy Winehouse, ugly shoes, typography and the colour black.

How and why did you get in to blogging?
I think I got into blogging through stumbling upon other people's blogs waaaay back in the MySpace days - I've had mine since 2009 and used to use it as a bit of a diary kinda thing rather than a creative platform. Then, I began finding more and more fashion blogs and my daily rants turned into outfits and such!

Who inspires your style the most and which stores are your favourite?
People on Instagram inspire me most! Literally everyone I'm following gives me such life/wardrobe envy haha! Celeb wise, I've always loved the Olsens. Suki Waterhouse is a major girl crush too - she looks flawless always. I think I take a bit of something from everyone though - I'll see a well dressed male in the street and then wanna wear trousers and shirts, bit weird like that haha. I'm a sucker for Topshop - not gonna lie! All the usuals like Zara, ASOS, H&M, Missguided too. Ark is another favourite, though less well known. It fluctuates really though depending on the season!

I would say that your style is pretty laid back and chilled - which I love, how would you describe your style yourself?
Thank you! I definitely agree, but I'd say it's more cos I'm lazy rather than a statement haha. Black is definitely a constant, mixed with funny footwear and odd patterns. And silver jewellery! Always silver jewellery! I think my style is a mash up of loads of different styles - one day I can be wearing Fred Perry and loafers, the next I'll look like I'm off to a festival. I like that though. I like not having one set specific style to have to stick to.
PicMonkey Collage

What are your top 5 wardrobe essentials?
At the moment - my new silver loafers, black jeans, arm cuffs, bardot style tops and this lurrrrvley little coral/red playsuit I bought in the River Island sale a few weeks ago. Keep your eyes peeled for an outfit featuring that soon!

What advice would you give to anyone wanting to find their personal style?
Don't give a toss what other people think. Seriously - you wanna wear those crazy floral trousers you DO it and you rock it. I'll wear something a bit odd (and trust me, my wardrobe isn't that crazy) and guaranteed I'll hear a "I wish I had the guts to pull that off" and it makes me sad that girls (and maybe even boys) don't have the confidence to wear what they want. I reckon personal style is all about confidence - confidence to be you and not conform to dressing how others will approve.


As you're going to be studying graphic design at university, do you think your blog has helped shape your creativity in your professional life?
For definite! I've always been a creative person but guaranteed if I didn't have my blog I wouldn't have gotten half as far as I have with my creative stuff. Not only has it brought me opportunities but it's helped me find other blogs and websites which inspire me on a daily basis and keep me going when I'm lacking creativity. It's definitely shaped my design style too - I know now what I can and can't do well, what my strengths and weaknesses within Graphics are because I've spent years finding my style both through fashion and art. 

Where do you find inspiration for your art and designs?
A Beautiful Mess, Wrdbnr and are my go-to's, for certain. Tumblr in general is the best source of inspiration for anything - I'm forever reblogging stuff I know will get my creative juices flowing when I've got a brief to conquer. Designer wise, I adore Mike Perry and Wasted Rita's work. My favourite photographer is Steve McCurry.

So tonight you've been invited to a house party! What look will you go for?
Legs out for certain! I don't think I've ever gone to a party in tights or trousers. It's my unwritten rule haha. At the moment I'm mesmerised by cobalt blue and silver so maybe this skirt and this bag with a bardot crop and silver shoes. Probably not heels as it's a house party and I'm like bambi on ice in anything too high!

Thank you! Where else can we find you?
No worries - thank YOU! If you wanna hear me rambling on about music and how much people bug me - @HanValentine_ on twitter. For sneak peeks of what I'm doing and wearing in between posts - @HanValentine_ on Instagram. And to see what's inspiring me -

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Perfect match // OOTD

'If your tears should produce rivers that shape landscapes,
Let your laughter be the force which shapes continents.
If your sadness is a monsoon,
Let your happiness be the ocean' - Nav K

Smock Dress; ASOS // Denim Jacket; Vintage // *Nike Free Runs; via Sports Shoes

I've been living in this dress all summer so I thought I may aswell make another post about it (you can see my first one here) as I truly love it. The denim jacket is also great for this time of year to just throw on, you know, just incase the rain clouds decide to show their unwanted face.

I'm trying to get back in to blogging and I can't wait till I complete my work so I can properly sort out and plan some more interesting posts. For the meantime, however, it will have to be a couple of rushed ootd posts until I have more time. This wouldn't happen if I was more organised, I know, I blame myself too, haha!

Currently, I have been loving:
Chandelier - Sia
(and just her whole album atm is great to be honest!)

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Saturday, 9 August 2014

Cornrows // Hairspiration

So a while ago I stumbled across a couple of pictures of Ciara from a few years ago when she wore cornrows to an event. I also came across some candid shots of Jada Pinkett Smith, Kelly Rowland and (of course) Alicia Keys and their hairstyles instantly reminded me of primary school as cornrows were pretty much my staple hairstyle back then. Buuuut then I grew up and thought I was too cool for them and wanted to get a relaxer or do single braids haha (also, I guess I just associate cornrows with kids).  I think braids in general, whether they are french braids, fishtail braids or single plaits/braids, are super lovely on any type of hair so I searched the #cornrows hashtag on instagram & tumblr and sort of convinced myself to try out this hairstyle again and see how it looks on my 20 something year old face.

Currently, I am loving:
You know when something is just too perfect it makes you feel sick? Like sick in a good way? And you just think why? How? Yeah, that's the reaction I had when I saw the two video below - 
This video of Michelle Phan and her boyfriend Dom 
This video of Jack Harries surprising his girlfriend by travelling oh, only half way across the world, to see her.

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