Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Casper and Pearl // Current Love

My new current love is Casper&Pearl, I actually discovered them after they left a lovely comment on one of my posts a while back and have been meaning to share their blog and site with you. They are an Australian fashion brand taking inspiration from 'days gone by, innocence, the 70's and vintage fashion' and their upcoming Secret Garden collection captures just that. Think whimsical, arty, playful and fantastical - I love this collection so much!

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Think lazy summer days, spontaneous adventures and time spent putting daisy chains in your hair.
The thing that strikes me about this collection is how creative it is. It's not just about the clothes they are selling, but there's a story too, a 'character' if you will, that embraces a free-spirit I think is in all of us. 

What do you guys make of it?! Lovely isn't it! Make sure to check out the Casper&Pearl blog HERE and find inspiration from their other items HERE

*All images are sourced from Casper&Pearl blog 

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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Emma Watson // Current Girl Crush

Basically, I love Emma Watson. I don't even know her but I feel like we would be good friends so she's been my girl crush literally since Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone came out in 2001 when I was 11 (wow, 11 years ago now) and I'm kinda slightly in love with her.  In this celebrity obsessed culture we seem to find ourselves in I think she's a pretty good role model for young girls too look up to.  If you are going to look up to a celebrity then it may as well be someone who is classy, sophisticated and hard working.  Someone who promotes good values... not the booty shaking, weed smoking, falling out of the club images we sometimes see.  It's just nice to have a contrast and to see that, at the end of the day, it's the hard work you put into your life that will get you places, not how you look, dress or if you're a 'bad b*tch' (seriously hate that phrase!)
Also, her style ain't that bad either!

Images sourced from Tumblr & Google
I thought she was great in The Perks of Being a Wallflower and seriously can't wait to see her future roles and films!
Who are your current girl crushes?

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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

'We were made to be awesome' // OOTD

Soooooo erm, I QUIT MY JOB OMG WHAT?!?! Yep. It wasn't for me. And I was rubbish at it. And you know a clever person would have waited until they had secured another job right? Yeah but not me... for some reason. I think I'm hoping it will kick my butt into gear into securing a job in what I want to go into. Kinda like Rachel in Friends when she quits her waitressing job so that she can get 'The Fear'? Yeah. Except this is real life and that was a pre-written tv show. But I'm sure you get the idea. And I pray to God it works because right now all I can think about is how much time I wasted just standing still when I should have been doing everything I could to keep moving forward. Especially as I know what it is I want to go into so I had no excuse really. We spend a lot of time at work/in the office so if you're doing something that doesn't suit you then you are spending a lot of your time doing something that doesn't really interest or excite you which is a very sad thing. Kinda like having to study math non-stop when all you really want to be doing is art (I need to stop with these weird analogies). So yeah, that's what is new in my life. And if anyone reading this wants to offer me a job in the writing/media/journalism region go right ahead man... ha!

Have you guys ever had to make quite a big decision? 

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I leave you with some wise words from Kid President - 
'Don't stop believing... Unless your dream is stupid, then you should get a better dream.'

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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Uni bashing & weddings // Morning Musings

I really wanted to talk about something I like to call 'uni bashing'.  I actually hate it when people talk about university saying that 'it's a waste of time' or 'you don't have to be conventional and go to uni and become a doctor/lawyer/dentist etc' or 'uni is a bad idea - don't just follow everyone else. Ok, you don't have to be conventional and go to uni and become a doctor, you can start working after school or start up your own business or do whatever it is you want to do but it doesn't mean that there is anything wrong with actually deciding to go to uni. It's the same as there being nothing wrong if someone decides not to go to university. Obviously uni has it's flaws; it's expensive, it's stressful and it doesn't set you up for the realities of the real world. At the same time however, it offers a little transition from being a kid to being an adult, it furthers your learning in a specific area and it allows you to grow as a person and learn new things about yourself. I just don't see why anyone would have to put down the other side to make their life decisions seem better, more interesting or have more integrity because it doesn't.


I have a new found interest/obsession with wedding and proposal video's on YouTube. It's kinda weird to watch the wedding of someone you don't know at all but ohhhh my goodness their so cute! I will just watch them and cry and imagine them living happily ever after. Also! The great things about wedding videos on YouTube is that you can see so many different themed and cultural weddings that you can go from traditional white wedding to a country themed one to an Indian one to a Muslim one.... Oh man I've watched too many haven't I?


This was quite a random post but I wanted to start up my 'Morning Musings's feature on this blog again as it allows me to post longer written posts like these which I really enjoy doing! I hope you have a good week ahead! Also! I decided to set up a YouTube channel in order to make more lifestyle-esque content so if you'd like to check out a new channel click here guys.
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Thursday, 6 June 2013

The Great Gatsby // Lessons learned

So I finally went to see The Great Gatsby yesterday which I thoroughly enjoyed. Can I just say that Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire are literally THE BEST things about this film?! Maguire just fits into his character perfectly and DiCaprio as Gatsby is so believable - he plays him with such charm and charisma while still being able to show his obsessive and angry side too. Seriously, DiCaprio is the man.

Not only did I enjoy the film but I learnt a couple of things too:

1. Don't strive to have a 'rich life', strive to have a great and happy life surrounded by people who you can actually trust (and if you happen to become rich, there's nothing wrong with that!) - Gatsby was the man, ok. He threw all these amazing, cool, fun, vibrant and colourful parties. He had many 'associates' and many people who seemed to literally be in love with him. He had what seemed like a million staff working for him. Heck, the guy was charming, charismatic and a proper gentleman. But on the day of his funeral not a single person came. Not one. Not even the love of his life, Daisy. How sad is that?! Very.

2. I am glad I wasn't around in the 1920's because there is no way that I could have pulled off the hairstyles back then. No way.

3. When it comes to love, don't throw away the love of your life because of money and waste 5 years in the process.

4. Perfection isn't always a good thing. People want to see that you are 'real' just like them. Ya get me.

5. Love can turn anyone into a fool, even 'The Great' Gatsby. So if you have a guys heart, you can pretty much do what you want with it... Be careful though!!

6. 'I'm glad it's a girl.  And I hope she'll be a fool - that's the best thing a girl can be in this world, a beautiful little fool.' Because you will get yourself a rich husband and will be oblivious to the ills of this world. Forever living in your nice, comfy little bubble.

7. No J. Gatsby, you cannot repeat the past.

I seriously want to go to one of his parties.

Have you seen the film yet? If so what did you think about it?!
I'm off to start on reading the book now!

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Sunday, 2 June 2013

She turned her dreams into plans and her can'ts into can's // OOTD

I wore this outfit the other day and I think it's the first time I've worn a skirt in a looooooooong time. I go through stages where I just hate wearing skirts/dresses for some reason then think they are the best thing in the world again. Also, I actually think my top is some sort of beachwear that's supposed to be worn over your bikini but I just loved the print so much and to be honest, I'm not going to a beach any time soon! (Sucks, I know).

I say this every year but I honestly can't believe it's June already. We're half way through the year already guys!! It's weird how, day-to-day time seems to go at quite a normal pace then you wake up one day to see it says 01/06/2013 on your calender and you can't help but think back to those new years resolutions you made (remember them?!).  I also can't help but think that I've chosen to just 'stand still' for a while in the sense that my main goals of finding, applying and getting a decent job and just enjoying being in my 20's has taken somewhat of a backseat and I just seem to have accepted that this is the way things are for now. Which is kinda sad. I've been in a sort of 'meh' sort of mood recently and I need to find my 'get-up-and-go' attitude that I had before. Where did it gooooooooo??!

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