Tuesday, 4 January 2011

The story of the Tortoise and how he cracked his shell.

My mum used to tell me this children's story she heard in Nigeria all the time when I was a younger and thought I would share it :)

One day, there was a meeting in the sky where all the Birds would gather and discuss. Discuss ideas. Discuss life. Discuss.
The Tortoise, although slow and steady as he was, wanted to join in on this meeting in the sky. He was intrigued. And so, he gained the help of a friend he trusted to fly him to this elusive meeting in the sky.
The meeting commenced.
And what an amazing sight it was for the Tortoise to behold. All these different birds, all different shapes, sizes and colours.
Greens, blues, whites, yellows, reds, blacks, oh it was a beautiful sight indeed.
The meeting in the sky, it was beautiful.
Now, the Birds where not mean creatures, they did not seclude him, or kick him out, or taunt him for being different. In fact, they welcomed him, they greeted him, and asked for his name.
Now, the Tortoise, although slow and steady, was not a foolish character, 'my name is All Of You' the Tortoise stated proudly. All Of You? What an unusual name. However, the Birds, did not have much time to linger on how unusual it was as the food had arrived.
The head Bird, a beautiful, striking, colourful Peacock, with what seemed to be all the colours of the world in his feathers, stood and declared, 'all of you, eat the food'. And so he did. Oh, he ate. All Of You ate the food until he could eat no more, he ate until there was none left.
Anger had began to brew amongst the birds, 'how can he eat all our food?!' 'That is not fair!' 'Let's kick him out! they cried indignantly.
The Tortoise looked around, 'what?! He said, 'All Of You eat the food', my name is All Of You and I am eating! Now leave me alone!' And he continued eating. The birds, tired of this game he was playing, lifted the Tortoise out of his seat, took him to the edge of the cloud they were in and dropped him out of the sky.
All Of You fell through the sky and landed hard on his shell, causing it to crack in several places all over. But he did not mind at all, for he had eaten.

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