Wednesday, 27 April 2011

One wednesday afternoon...

One Wednesday afternoon, the sun was shining, children were playing outside and the Ice cream van was set to appear on the street any minute now.
On paper, it was the perfect summers day with just a slight breeze for comfort. Bliss.

And then it happened.

My mum got the phone call. The phone call which, after all the surprise and the 'hello, how are you doing?' comes the 'I've got some bad news...' sentence.
What do you say after that sentence? What do you say, what do you think, what do you even feel? This isn't supposed to happen, and if it does, its only meant to be in movies, in novels, in the newspaper, not on the other end of the phone.
So, what do you do when, what seems to be the perfect Wednesday afternoon, is shattered by that phone call?
Everything is happening so fast. Everyone is growing up, growing old, growing apart. But there are still only a few things in life that has the power to re-connect people after what seems like centuries. And one of them is that phone call. People come together, people reminisce and people offer their condolences in a small attempt to show that they care.

It's hard not to put things off for another time. Another day, week, month, year... but only God knows how our lives are going to pan out, so putting off a plan to go and visit someone may just be the wrong thing to do.

I didn't see it coming, one Wednesday afternoon in mid-April.

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