Monday, 31 October 2011

Why being a student is hard...

  • Coursework and exams. Enough said.
  •  Housing. Where are you gonna live, whooo are you gonna live with?? Added stress for no reason.
  • Internet. Don't even get me started on this. Six weeks in and we still have no internet in the flat. Yeah.
  •  Bills. Why do they exist. Really.
  • Rent. Student loan comes in, rent goes out. Yay.
  • Job prospects. Thousands of pounds in debt and no hint of a job at the end of it all. Did someone say recession?
  •  Finding a computer on campus during exam time. It's near impossible.
  • Boys. Yeah, they like to complicate your life even more.
  •  Concentrating on work when it's oh so easy to just go out for the 5th night in a row. So what if you have a 9am? Pffft.
  •  Friendship. Picking out the ones who are always there from the ones who are just always around.
  •  Time management. In every sense.
  •  Dancing. And how not to dance like an idiot.
  •  Keeping fit. You live near a takeaway and have them on speed dial. Your diet is clearly going out the window. It's ok, you will start properly next week.
  •  TV licence. Or should I say trying to avoiiiid TV licence.
  •  The hard decision between walking and saving money or taking the bus and saving effort. Most probably the latter.
  •  Realising that your childhood dream of becoming the next Beyonce is never going to happen. Sucks, I know.

That is my indefinite list as to why being a student is hard. I'm sure you can all think of reasons I've missed off the list. I hate how students get stereotyped as dossers because, seriously, being a student is stressful!! There are so many things to think/worry/stress/ponder about... At first it's all fun and games then you get to third year and it hits you like sunshine in the morning that you have to act like an adult now. Notice the word act. It's ok if the sound of the ice cream van still makes you run outside like a giddy four year old or if Toy Story is still your all time favourite film. As long as you act like an adult in public, no one would ever guess you're just a big kid at heart...

I feel like I need to apologise for the lack of posts, I have had such a hectic couple of weeks being back at uni but I've been involved in some really exciting things I can't wait to tell you all about in due time so watch this space!

I just finally want to say a mahoooosive thank you to those who voted for me in the Battlefront Competition I previously posted about. I managed to get up to about 500 votes but people did manage to get their votes way up into the 4000 figure. I have NO idea how that is possible! But thank you guys anyway for your support!

Peace and love.


  1. lol love this post, especially realising you're never gonna become the next Beyonce. *kmt* all those dance routine rehearsals for nothing :p I can barely keep up with my blogging, just too much to do and too little time :( !! X

  2. Haha, it sucks doesn't it! Ah I know, it's always getting pushed aside atm :/


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