Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Perfect match // OOTD

'If your tears should produce rivers that shape landscapes,
Let your laughter be the force which shapes continents.
If your sadness is a monsoon,
Let your happiness be the ocean' - Nav K

Smock Dress; ASOS // Denim Jacket; Vintage // *Nike Free Runs; via Sports Shoes

I've been living in this dress all summer so I thought I may aswell make another post about it (you can see my first one here) as I truly love it. The denim jacket is also great for this time of year to just throw on, you know, just incase the rain clouds decide to show their unwanted face.

I'm trying to get back in to blogging and I can't wait till I complete my work so I can properly sort out and plan some more interesting posts. For the meantime, however, it will have to be a couple of rushed ootd posts until I have more time. This wouldn't happen if I was more organised, I know, I blame myself too, haha!

Currently, I have been loving:
Chandelier - Sia
(and just her whole album atm is great to be honest!)

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  1. your dress is beautiful, love a bit of galaxy print! xx

  2. I love the print of this dress, it's lovely! This shape is my favourite style too :)
    emmerliejay x

  3. Love the galaxy print of your dress, your hair looks amazing too!



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