Thursday, 19 February 2015

Feeling good about your appearance // Musings

I stared at my reflection in the changing room mirror and asked myself a serious question 'will I genuinely wear this??' I came to town not to browse the shops but to attend a meeting, yet somehow I managed to wander into Topshop 'just to have a look around.' This was rookie mistake number one. Rookie mistake number two was actually picking up the coat, ignoring the price tag, heading over to the changing rooms, trying it on and proceeding to spend the next ten minutes thinking of a list of reasons as to why I should get it and a list of reasons as to why I shouldn't.  I don't usually spend that much time deciding on one item of clothing but erm, it was £90 which is a serious investment, so I had to do some serious thinking.
Is it worth it? I mean really. Also, realistically how often am I going to wear it? What can I wear it with? Does it even look that nice??? Damn it Topshop, you know I have a thing for well tailored blazers and coats that make me feel and look as badass as Jessica Pearson and Olivia Pope, you know this!!
Then I thought about the one thing that I knew would stop me from spending £90 on a coat - my mum. Thoughts of my mums incredulous cries of 'are you crazy??!' upon me trying to sneak it home, her finding it anyway, and proceeding to ask me how much it was (yep, this still happens people!) No, no, no, no, I took the coat off, rushed out of the changing rooms and made my way on to the bus. 

Normally I wouldn't even consider trying on something out of my budget but I was instantly drawn to it as I walked in to the store. And when I tried it on, oh my goodness guys, it looked good. Better than good, it looked great. Super chic but also really casual too like 'oh I just threw this on' kinda thing, you know?? I know you know what I'm talking about - when you wear an outfit and your make-up is perfectly done, you catch your reflection and think 'daaaaaaamn, I look good to-day!' Or maybe it's more of a quiet 'oh I look nice, I'll wear this more often' remark to yourself but either way, you look good and you know it which means that your confidence levels are considerably higher for the rest of the day. Those days are awesome and I think it's perfectly ok to acknowledge when you're looking good, just as long as your 'I look good' doesn't turn into a 'I look good so everyone should worship the ground I walk on' because then you've gone way too far.  But it's ok to know that you look good today, and if someone compliments you on it, then it's perfectly ok to accept it without replying with an 'oh I don't think so but thanks.'  Feeling good about your appearance is a really small thing that can have quite an affect on your mood. Buying a new outfit, doing your nails or having a pamper evening can be the perfect pick me up for a day that feels a bit bleaurgghh.  Of course, it goes without saying, that feeling great on the inside and nurturing your personality is a more important place to put your time, focus and energy on.  But taking care of yourself also includes taking care of the exterior too. There's nothing wrong with wanting to look good or wanting to invest in that. It doesn't have to be about wearing uncomfortable clothes for the sake of 'fashion babay' or spending all your money on the latest make-up products.  It's simply about wearing clothes that showcase and express your personality, learning to own your appearance and body and being comfortable enough to let yourself know when you are looking mighty fine. Plus, it doesn't happen every day, so you may aswell cherish the feel good vibes while they're around!

Did I just write an entire blog post based around a coat that I didn't buy? Yes. Yes I did.

What makes you feel good about your appearance / looks / body?

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  1. looks good on you

  2. Hahaha love this! My mum is the same! But yes cherish the good vibes always :)


    Sade xo

  3. Over priced clothes do the trick for me. But then regret inevitably follows....

  4. Love this post, always try stuff out of the budget (but then get sad when not being able to afford it), either way, the coat looks good on you! Really liked your blog so had to give you a follow :)
    Feel free to check out our latest post x

  5. Loved everything about this post omg and btw you should totally buy the coat sometime. you look amazing! x


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