Saturday, 18 August 2012

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Am I the only one to find it quite creepy/stalkerish how adverts on the websites you go on (Blogs, Facebook, Youtube side adverts etc) target you?  In my final year of uni, around the time I was searching for a flat to live, every single ad I came across online was of estate agents and student flats on the market in Liverpool.  I know how these things work. I think. Something about Google, and our data and our search engine entries right...? This never really bothered me, until Facebook started targeting me with 'Find Muslim singles in your area' adverts. Yep, Facebook knows I'm single, I'm Muslim and is now trying to set me up. (Pffft, I'm shaking the guys off with a stick, blates.)  

I understand that obviously companies need to advertise their products for the wider public, I get it - you created something spectacular that the world just has to see it, one way or another. But when I am shown adverts to join dating sites to meet 'hot singles' in my area, I think something has gone wrong, somewhere. Firstly, how can you advertise love? It's like advertising an emotion. Kind of... Secondly, I feel like we can't even move without getting hit in the face with people telling us to buy this, telling us we need that, telling us that their offer only lasts till Friday (my personal favourites are the 'Buy now, pay nothing for a year!' offers). How often do you go on a site and about 5 billion pop up sites pop up claiming to offer you the latest Apple gadget. How did we move from adverts just being on TV, on billboards and in magazines to being everywhere?! Maaaaaaybe I am a little over sensitive in this issue and no one reaaaally cares but me, but hmmm, it just bugged me quite a bit!

Anyway, since uni is over, I have taken up reading again. Not the reading-because-you-have-an-exam-and-know-nothing type of reading but actually reading for fun (what is that?!) Yeah, it's been a while! I am currently reading The Alchemist - has any one read it? It's quite good so far, although I think I did start reading with my expectations way too high, but I am only half way through! 

The Alchemist, The Power of Now, The perks of being a Wallflower

Oh yeah, did I mention... I graduated!! YESSSS; University of Liverpool Law Graduate 2012. Now when people ask me what I do for a living, I look them right in the eye and say with a massive grin on my face that 'I am a graduate, actually' (little do they know that that is code for 'I am currently unemployed, please, please, please give me a job. Please.' NOT that I am desperate.) I actually quite like being able to say that. I keep seeing interviews with recent graduates complain about how their degree hasn't really helped them with finding employment and how uni was a waste of time... and while this may be true for some people, uni is by no means a waste of time. Well, it wasn't for me. I loved it, and I would happily, hands down, do it again - same course, same uni, same people - I genuinely loved the experience and have learnt things about myself I don't think I would have learnt any other way to be honest. I would like to think that the rise in tuition fee's wouldn't have stopped me either but it is very easy for me to say that from where I am at at the moment! 

What do you guys think about uni and tuition fee's? Have you been, are you going, will you go?

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  1. Such a great post, and I really like your blog. I'm now following you.
    Should I be worried that I get a lot of adverts about gambling popping up? I've never gambled in my life but maybe they're trying to tell me something...

    Thanks for your lovely comment

  2. Ah thankyou! :) Haha I get gambling adverts too! Maybe it's our lucky days aha
    Saadiya x

  3. You've reminded of how much reaing I need to catch up with!! Will put the Alchemist on my to read list x

  4. Oh I saw that book the other day 'The Perks of Being a Wallflower' and am mulling about buying it. I find it hard these days to really engage with fiction books because sometimes it's hard to enter into the world of the protagonist and relate with her. Anywho let me know how it is. Yes I agree with the ads- I walk everywhere in HK and the ads are on the buildings and in the subway and in the taxis...

  5. whooop whooop congrats on your graduation Saadiya ! And lovely post, always makes me think. I have just finished my GCSE's (yuss)and all fb want to tell me is to 'study at this college' and 'do this short cut to education'. LOOL. silly fb.
    Ammie xx
    oh yeah we're following you now.

  6. @Tiffany-Annabelle - The alchemist is defo a top read! :)
    @Sam - It's actually a really good book! I love it and its quite easy to realate to aswell :)
    @Ammie+Sharrie - Ahhhh thanks guys!! :) Oooh congrats on finishing your GCSE's!! Good luck with A-Levels too!

  7. Nice!

  8. Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS!!! I Love to see women do it big!! Mashaallah :)

    Secondly, I Read the Alchemist a few months back and I LOVED it. IT was so much wisdom in that little book, definitely a gem. I want to read "The perks of being a wall flower" Please let me know how you like it!


  9. I've just come across your blog, and I already love it :-) You write with such honesty.
    I read the alchemist, you can read a review it on my blog, I liked it although I do admit I was looking for more from it. I'll give it another try when I'm older though (and hopefully more wiser).
    Congrats on graduating! I'm looking forward to going next year (hopefully haha). x

  10. congratulations on graduating.


  11. What a lovely post.. and congratulations on graduating! I'm starting second year next week - eeeep!


  12. I have done my second degree in the UK and although the tution fees have increased they still aren't at the level of many private and great universities in the States. I don't it should hinder people to go unless they really can't afford it. Loans and working would suffice esp. if the degree you get will be able to get you a job in a lucrative profession! Those are just my two cents. I have debt from both degrees and wouldn't trade the debt for the education, networking, and life lessons that I have learned ever!


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