Monday, 6 August 2012

'Miley Cyrus tweets make-up free picture of herself.' Erm, ok...

This legit came up on my Facebook feed. Like you know how Facebook now has a 'Trending articles/videos' feed? Yeah, this was one of them.  Are we so insecure that we need constant validation that celebrities look just like us without make-up on too? That question was a bit strong, I didn't mean to sound so accusing but I think stuff like this is getting a bit... out of hand? It's not the fact that she did it (tweeted the photo, I mean) it's more the fact that someone thought it was important enough to be deemed 'news-worthy' and the fact that it is now a 'trending' article on Facebook. Trending means it generated a load of views right? Why?? I get it though, what celebrities do and how they look is interesting - reading the celebrity section of the Daily Mail is a great way to procrastinate, I have learnt, but I think articles like this are a bit... silly now. Do articles like that even constitute as an article? Do papers like the Daily Mail even constitute as a newspaper? Well, that, is a different topic/discussion all together.  This article (*I don't know where it was from though as I didn't click on it, so it may or may not have been from the Daily Mail.) really got to me for some reason. But of course, as long as they are being written, we will continue to read them, and that is one of my biggest problems with the media.

I want a career in media, eventually, I want to work as a Broadcast Journalists, by Gods Grace, but sometimes I think that the media can really underestimate the public. And they know exactly what they are doing.  Tabloids like The Daily Mail or The Sun, I think, shouldn't be taken so seriously, but it's kind of sad that so many people do take them seriously, and that's where they have them - people who genuinely buy tabloids and genuinely read them and form their opinions from them. Newspapers are given a degree of control over public information; writers know exactly what reaction they want from readers and exactly how they want readers to think and exactly how to make that happen.  Journalism has gone beyond being a 'voice' and giving the public a 'right to know' to being able to fully sway public opinion on a particular issue.  I just think, as much as I want to be a part of it, the media is cunning - they hold the truth, in essence, and can choose how to give it to the public, what parts of the information to give and how some readers may think afterwards. It's just important to keep an open mind, not every article is going to be important or true, words are powerful tools.


  1. you will make it as a journalist someday hun! your writing is moor-ish x

  2. Really love your blog! It's refreshing to read about something meaningful, and something I totally agree with ! I would love to become a Journalist one day too, but my real problem is knowing what type of Journalism, because I just cant do manipulation :S

    Thanks for sharing
    Ammie xx

  3. Thank you guys for your positive comments! :) xx

  4. Also, Ammie, I have that problem too!! I'm still not sure which type of journalism to go into, but the great things about that is that you can try and and see which one you enjoy more/you are better at :)

  5. Tell me about it! I mean, I walk around not wearing makeup practically everyday but you don't see me tweeting about it and/or people making a big deal about it. I think people will always be fascinated with celebrity's lives because our society has been turned into a bunch of voyeurists. Social networking sites and their features have made it easy for everyone to "peep" or stalk people's personal lives and I think the same thing applies for celebrities. People have a general fascination with knowing what people do or what their lives are like behind closed doors.

  6. Ugh don't get me started on this "celebs not wearing make-up" nonsense... I don't get it! I was literally thinking the same thing today, why has this become so significant in the press nowadays??? That being said, it's usually the daily mail that comes up with all that tosh and no offence to the daily mail but I can't even attempt to take it seriously as any sort of paper.. it's a joke.
    Ok, I'm rambling now but I think it's because I'm excited about this post, I love reading posts like these that explore topics like this... Ok Lis, shut up now...
    but really... how is not wearing make-up newsworthy??? HOW???
    Ok, I'm actually done now

  7. @Rondie - YES! This is so true! People are really fascniated about celebs that it's just come to the point of extreme know! And you're right, I think social networks has had a major impact in that.
    @Lis - Haha I understand you completly!! It annoys me so much! And papers like the Daily MAil just aggravate me - I wish people would be a bit more open minded about the media!


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