Monday, 8 October 2012

'I am full of light, I am full of wonder' | Musings

There comes times in life when you realise you have to change something about yourself, or improve a part of you. Like maybe you want to start eating healthier, give up smoking, or work on your confidence or get a place in University.
You're not changing because you are trying to model yourself on someone else, but simply because you realise that, for you and your well-being,  it's the best thing to do.  But it's so hard isn't it? I'll use eating healthy as an example because that's something I'm working on right now, i.e paying attention to what I eat, cutting out all the unhealthy food and generally eating more healthy and useful foods.  I genuinely thought to myself one day that I gotta take this seriously - the foods I buy, cook and eat are so important I should start paying attention to them. It's one of those things that is so easy to put off till tomorrow, till someday. 'We're always waiting for our lives to begin...' but if you think about it, in a year's time, you would wish that you had started today. It's about just taking that first step. Even if you give up or give in halfway through, as long as you know how to make that first step again and again... and again, I reckon it'll be alright.  

It just has to start with you and only you; changing someone else is damn near impossible if they have no interest in it. Change is such a hard thing and as human beings it's so easy for us to get stuck in our ways without expanding our horizons and just opening our minds to endless possibilities, as cheesy as that sounds!!   I love the idea of that though, being so optimistic about certain things that you have such a strong 'get up and go' attitude about life and what you can do. Obviously life isn't full of sunny days and rainbows but it does pay to keep optimism alive, give things a go and literally just do it. Just do it. As soon as you've made the decision to lose weight, or give up smoking or get into uni, it's done; you have made that decision so it's up to yourself to pull through.  

I wanted to share with you guys Emeli Sande's new song (well, it's Naughty Boy ft, Emeli Sande) I've raved about her material before and I love that she is releasing new music, it's so inspiring and refreshing to hear her songs on the radio. What do you guys think about the new song?

'This life is contagious, go, go tell your neighbours, just reach out and pass it on'


  1. Really a great well written blog <3 x

  2. this is very inspiring!! And Emeli Sande is very very talented the girl can sing so well my goodness.

  3. i love the someday photo, it really makes you realise- i love this post- so true xx

  4. Very wise words! Inspirational.

  5. Great post you're so right! Love that Emile sande song too xx

  6. Thankyou ladies for your lovely comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the post! :)
    Saadiya xx

  7. this is an awesome post...and you have a point...I love to embrace never know what is waiting for you when you take that step.


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