Saturday, 6 October 2012

Interviews | Rant time

I hate interviews. Like really really really really hate them so much so that I would rather take another 3 hour law exam or something. Somehow I think that would be less pressure... Obviously, interviews are not supposed to be appealing, or exiting, or enjoyable; they are meant to test you and draw out the best in you so the company knows that they are recruiting the best of the best. I get that. But some take the mick.

The most recent interview I had lasted the whole day and consisted of a maths test, a sales test and a competency based interview. Oh and group work (I'm SO bad at group work it makes me want to cry...) The job I was going for must have been pretty big though right? Right? Ha ha haha ha. It was for a call centre where literally you sit there, people call in about their broken down washing machines and you help them with their problems while secretly trying to sell them some insurance. An interview I had before that was pretty much the same and it was also for a very very very basic job.  To be honest, their more 'assessment days' than 'interviews' because their so hardcore. What really annoys me though is when you ask for feedback on how you did (if you didn't get the job) and all they say to you is: 'we're sorry but, due to the high volume of interest, we cannot give individual feedback.' Oh well I'M sorry but did I not just spend ALL day in YOUR office doing YOUR tests and answering YOUR questions and pretending like sales was the best thing in the whole world?! I know they are a massive company and I'm just another unemployed graduate to them but it's a bit... belittling when you literally jump through hoops for a job that is only meant to 'get you by'  and you can't even ask where you went wrong.

Interviews in general are hardcore, I understand, but really, what are they looking for? Perfection? Well it doesn't exist man!
Meh, rant over.

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  1. Ah sounds tough :/ I hated going for jobs, I found going for either a really large company in a quiet area was easier to get a job in. If that makes sense lol, hope things pick up and you are successful! :) x

  2. aawww good luck doll I actually hate interviews as well lol x

  3. Thankyou ladies! Tell me about it, their horrible! lol

  4. oh my gosh, i'm so sorry! i hate interviews too. ugh. by the way, i definitely DID listen to the ed sheeran and tswift song. and can i just say how badass it sounds? the words LITERALLY describe everything i'm feeling at this point in my life. it's no wonder the song went straight to number 1. who knew?

    found the route


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