Thursday, 1 November 2012

'If this is love, then love is easy, it's the easiest thing to do'

  • Who creates trends on twitter such as #ifiwasinvisibleiwould, #reasonsifailatbeingagirl and #majorputoff?
  • When will I be able to afford a walk in wardrobe?
  • Why do people still insist on playing their music on loadspeaker on public transport (I thought we've moved on from this?)
  • Do Jamies 15 minute meals really just take 15 minutes to make? (I have yet to test this, but be sure that I will)
  • In 50 years time, will I still be great friends with amazing people I'm friends with now?
  • Why am I slowly falling in love with One Direction?
  • Is it just me who thinks that Macdonald adverts are actually really good and clever? (Shame about their food... ohhh)
  • Why do I always start blog posts then just save them in my drafts folder forever? 
  • Why is there a show on ITV2 called 'Next top dog model'? (seriously)
  • At school, why do we not learn basic life lessons like what a P45 is, or how to change a tyre or what you need to know when buying a house. These are important things to know right?
These are serious questions that I ask myself and I need answers guys.

In other news, I want to share some music that I am loving at the moment with you guys. Do you like them and what music are you in to at the moment?

McFly are baaaack! I'm not gonna lie, I was in LOVE with them and actually love their new single.

Ben Howard - Esmerelda. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

Ed Sheeran - Give me Love. Need I say more?

Beyonce - I was here. This has been out for a while but I just love the video, especially the first minute of it - Beyonce looks so small against the images behind her.

Swedish House Mafia - Don't you worry child. I'm not really into dance music, but I just love this song right now

This has been out for a while, but I just love this live version of her single


  1. Great post, got me singing away lol And those twitter #'s, sometimes I just make them up. The longer the better haha


  2. This, this, this. I think of all of these things as well!

    AS IF people still insist on playing their music on loudspeaker! I thought we moved on from that as well! That was SO 5 years ago...

    I have huge doubts that Jamie's 15 minute meals actually take 15 minutes. I, too, haven't tested it out, but something doesn't add up. The meals look like they take more than 15 minutes. Although, wouldn't he get into trouble for saying they take 15 minutes whereas in reality, they actually don't?

    WOAH, I had no idea McFly are back! Awhh, so happy for them! :')


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