Tuesday, 3 June 2014

How to deal with pain // Musings

'That's the thing about pain... It demands to be felt.'

I am told by Tumblr that this is a John Green quote. Well, John Green, you are absolutely right. Pain, emotional, physical, mental, small, big, fleeting or long lasting demands to be felt, screaming out for tears and attention. In the lonely hours of 3am or the bustling chaos of the morning commute, pain is not limited by time.  It won't wait until a quiet afternoon when you're ready to deal with it, it will intrude - uninterrupted, unannounced, just like that. And, like anything else on this planet, it can come in all shapes and sizes -  a memory, a feeling, a person, a word, sentences, phone calls, actions... A simple headache that seems resistant to paractamol... Heartache, that seems embedded in your soul.

'Demands to be felt...' No escaping, no running, no ignoring. But yet we try to numb, mask or conceal in any way we think possible. Who can blame us though, who wants to deal with any form of pain. Because it can be hard to find the strength, courage or time to move on, to heal, to fight it, one on one, and win.  But that's the thing about trying to numb any type of pain. It's still there until you face it, multiple times if you have to, and you come out of the battle with nothing more than a scar to tell the story.  So, pain. You must feel it, but not let it consume you, you must acknowledge its presence, but no need to make it feel at home, and above all, you must use it. Use it as motive to create - a poem, a blog post, a piece of art, music, new experiences, new relationships.  It demands to be felt, but it doesn't have to win.

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  1. Such pretty nature photos!

  2. this x 100. you must feel it but not let it consume you. too right. love posts like this. xxx


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