Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Light as air // Nike Free runs

I was lucky enough to be sent a pair of Nike Free running shoes from Sports Shoes to review and was so excited to try them on. The first thing I noticed (and probably the best thing about them I think) is how incredibly light they are. It's like walking on air. Honestly, truly.  Given their light feel, they are also pretty flexible to walk in (does that make sense??) too and don't require to be 'broken into' like other trainers you can get.  I think they're pretty much perfect for whatever type of exercise or sports activity you choose to do. The material is super light too, allowing your feet to 'breathe' and hopefully not get toooooo sweaty. 

*Nike Free 3.0 V5 Womens Running Shoes; c/o Sports Shoes // Top; Primark // Leggings; H&M // Weights; Sports World

Something I've been doing a lot more of at the moment is home exercise. I have a gym membership but sometimes it's easier to just find a workout on YouTube and complete that in the morning before getting on with your day. I'm a massive fan of Tone it Up and Blogilates as I think they both make exercise seem really care free and even fun(??!?). I know right, exercise... fun?! Yeaaah, right. But including exercise into your everyday routine doesn't have to mean grueling hours on the treadmill (unless that's your kind of thing) but Pilates or yoga can be great or if you want something with more impact then dance classes are where it's at (I personally think). Did you every used to take dance lessons when you were younger? I took 'hip-hop' and jazz and was super duper rubbish but it was a great way to incorporate regular exercise and it was fun too - I feel like dancing is also an instant pick me up. I've been thinking about finding a class and taking it up again but I think that will have to wait till I've sorted out some other stuff so YouTube videos will have to do for now!

What is your favourite way to get up and moving?

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