Friday, 12 September 2014

Orange skies and fireflies // OOTD

'How beautiful is it to stay silent 
when someone expects you to be enraged from them?
How beautiful is it to laugh
when someone thinks you are going to shed tears? - Unknown

Jeans & cardigan; New Look // Dress; H&M // Scarf; Market stall
I went shopping with my sister a couple of weeks ago and spotted this orange cardi in New Look and instantly fell in lovvveeee. They had it in black, grey and blue, but I dunno, there's just something about orange you know? Also I figured that if I wear it with quite neutral colours it won't be too bad/in your face so I convinced myself to buy it. I'm also wearing a dress as a top because... idk? (Sometimes I laugh when I tell people I have a fashion & lifestyle blog because lol my outfits are questionable at times).

I am frantically working to get my dissertation done and the finish line is so close I think I'm gonna cry (yep, still as melodramatic as ever) but this summer has been intense. I can't wait to (hopefully) chill for a couple of days after!

Currently, I am loving
(is Ed Sheeran even real?? This song is absolutely beautiful)

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  1. i love your orange cardigan

  2. I love your cardigan! I don't think you fashion sense is questionable at all, your dress looks great as a top :) x

  3. Love the orange. really suits you.

  4. Gorgeous! Your cardigan is just awesome x

  5. Love this outfit! The orange is the most gorgeous pop of colour! :) x

    The Beauty Scrapbook

  6. Love that orange cardigan. You look great and keep up the good work.



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