Saturday, 24 January 2015

5 ways to get motivated // Musings

'You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do' 
 Henry Ford

Lack of motivation is not the best thing in the world, especially when you have about 534589 things to do, goals to meet, resolutions to keep up with and a boss/teacher that seems to be on your case all of a sudden. For me, the worst thing about having no motivation is the guilt that comes along with it - you know you have things to do, and you know that you're wasting time by not doing them, but you also really, really, really can not be bothered. Don't get it confused with laziness though, because when it comes to laziness, you make the choice to not do the things that you have to do.  With lack of motivation, however, there comes a time where it can be extremely hard to get out of such a state and you can often find yourself also feeling frustrated, hopeless and sad at the situation. Sometimes it's short-lived and sometimes it lasts for what seems like months, either way, I thought I would share 5 things that usually help me in this situation. I made a video about it which you can see below or, if you prefer to read, I will summarise the points further down.

Tidy up 

I absolutely, 100%, unequivocally believe in the saying 'tidy space, tidy mind'. I find that when things around me are messy it really doesn't help the situation.  I'm not necessarily talking about cleaning and scrubbing every inch of your place (unless you want to, hey go ahead!) but giving your desk some order, tidying things up and refreshing your work space is great. My work space is a bit of an organised mess and it's situated right infront of the window so the light hits it and that works perfectly for me while my dad, on the other hand, likes his desk completely spotless and works in complete silence.  Find out what works for you, shake things up a bit if you have to, and keep your space organised.

Go outside
How easy is it to stay indoors all day and not do anything but channel hop and watch endless make-up tutorials you're not even planning on trying out? Oh so very easy. But time spent out of the house is a pretty remarkable thing and great for getting you away from feeling unmotivated - it helps you get out of your head and let's you come back to what you have to do feeling refreshed and often inspired.

Visualise and concentrate on one thing at a time
When it came to revision, I was all about hanging up revision notes on my walls, mirrors and doors so that wherever I was, I would see my work and have it constantly on my mind. Creating a vision board is also a great thing to try out, especially if you're working towards a long term goal, so every morning you are reminded of why you are working and what you are working towards. Also, learning to concentrate on one thing and taking things one step at a time is so important!! Hey, all I'm saying is that you wouldn't eat a whole cake all at once, you'd cut it up and eat it bit by bit - it's the same thing with your goals.

Focus on you
So it's easy to get distracted with what others are doing, I mean, we have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs and YouTube where we follow people and their lives. Ain't nothing wrong with that but sometimes you can get caught up with what others are doing, get caught comparing their successes with your failures and just feel even more unmotivated to try. So refocus your energy and time on yourself. Your life is about you, after all, no one else!

Be Kind
We are undoubtedly our own worst critiques. And while it can be a good thing that we wont accept anything but the best from ourselves, sometimes the words we use for ourselves are more scolding than encouraging. Talk to yourself like you would talk to a friend - honest, but comforting.

What are some of your tips to get motivated? 

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  1. totally with you on tidy space tidy mind! I always feel more stressed when the house is a mess!

    A Forte For Fashion


  2. I need to revise more which is usually done in my room, and considering my room is a mess, it's putting me off! Definitely need to sort this :)

    Hannah x | hannatalks

  3. This is a lovely post and great things to keep in mind when we're feeling de-motivated, I agree with you about going outside to clear your head, even if for a hours I always come back refreshed and ready to tackle any task!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle


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