Monday, 12 January 2015

Mistakes of a 20-something // Musings

I recently stumbled across this blog post from The Sunday Blah and I loved it so much that it got me thinking about my own continuous mistakes that I should probably stop making. Everybody makes mistakes, some are small, some are big but you're always supposed to learn from them right?  But there are always be those poor acts of judgement that are misguided, wrong or regrettable that you seem to find yourself making again... and again.... and again. So I thought I would compile a small list of my own silly mistakes in an attempt to gain some reassurance that I'm not the only one!
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Staying up late
And by late I mean scrolling through blogs till 4am when my alarm is set to go off in about four hours time. Sleep?? What is that??!!!?!!! I always find myself getting tired at around 11pm but by the time I've gotten up from where I'm sat and completed my night time routine, I find that I am fully awake and ready to partaaay (ok  maybe not exactly partaaay).  So, you know, I'll just check twitter/bloglovin/facebook/youtube/my emails/that new app I downloaded again and hopefully it'll make me sleepy. Fast forward a couple of hours and I'm halfway through watching a new TV series or I've found myself in an endless scroll of tumblr reblogging all the cool images. Time to sort out my sleeping schedule and be part of the rise-and-shine-at-6am-all-refreshed-and-totally-not-grumpy gang

Being disappointed that everything isn't figured out already
As much as everyone keeps saying that your 20s are for figuring out what you want to do with your time and trying new things, a big part of me wishes that I already did have it all figured out so that I can chill with the constant thoughts of 'omg, what am I doing with my life?!' And it's all very well saying that everyone is also in the same position because Facebook begs to differ. Ah, Facebook. When did it go from a place to laugh at last nights photos to a place of status updates about the new job/home/holiday/marital status?  I guess this is a mistake that will keep on happening until things really are figured out but until then, it's a perfect time for growth, ambitious dreams and determination. 

Waaaaaaay too much chocolate eating
Chocolate is both my love and my kryptonite.  I mean, it's delicious, but also probably not the best thing for general health, you know??  I once vowed to give up chocolate forever; a resolution that lasted all of 5 months.  I guess that was still somewhat of an achievement and I have definitely cut my chocolate intake in half (hey, some people are trying to quit smoking, I'm trying to quit chocolate!) Now, I always find myself doing some food shopping and just slipping in a couple of bars of chocolate, or snacking on a Snickers bar while doing some work or munching on KitKat while waiting for the bus and I reckon my arteries are screaming for me to stop. I think it's time I made the transition to making my own chocolate snacks with cacao powder so I can feel less guilty!

Refusing to check the bank balance
Who else just does not check their bank balance for ages and pretends like everything is ok?! Of course it's ok, why would it not be ok?? It's not like you have failed to save more than £200 or you continue to spend your money on frivolous things that you don't actually need...  It's not like every time you go to buy something your heart does a little leap of worry just incase today is the day that the shop assistant will look up at you with a sympathetic face and asks 'do you have another form of payment? This card's not working...' Yep, been there, done that, got several t-shirts.  It's definitely time to build a better relationship with the bank!

What are some of your mistakes that you keep making and should really put in effort to stop?

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  1. I can definitely relate to the "refusing to check my bank balance! :D

  2. The bank one is one I have done many times! Always in denial!

  3. Oh my gosh, this is me - in a nutshell. Every single thing. Every single damn thing, lmao. And I have a bag of chocolate right next to me. Dammit, haha.

    Z. | J. POTTER

  4. I definitely can relate to this post! Especially not getting enough sleep, and not having my life sorted out.
    Loves! Kirstie

    Kimamely Beauty


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