Friday, 20 May 2011

Feet up Friday

Go and make a cup of tea, put your feet up and just listen to this song:

"And our minds were meant to sail
Take a rest from our thoughts
Take a break from this world
And we'll feel miles away
From the places that we used to be."

Doesn't it make you just wanna live on the beach? Live on the beach with your guy called Maverick and possibly a pet dog called Freeda.  And it wouldn't matter if you didn't have load of money or that you didn't live in the best house because life isn't all about that. And because there is so much more out there.  You would spend your mornings watching the sun rise. Your afternoons, you'd spend learning to surf and thinking that if you got really good, you could open up your own surfing school right there on the beach in the future. And your evenings would be spent laying on the sand, staring at the sky, watching the sun go down and the stars slowly appear in the night sky. And maybe tomorrow you'll do something different or maybe you wont. And maybe you'll go travel somewhere for the day, week or month, or maybe you wont. And maybe you'll plan to have kids in the future, or maybe you wont. And maybe you'll go for a road trip to the next city and make friends with the other beach goers, or maybe you wont. It would be up to you and Maverick. You could decide, without the constraints of society.


  1. lool @ the boy and dog's name :P.. I soo love the pictures.. the third one is just OH...
    am now going to spend the next couple of minutes dreaming about the beach before i manage to go back to work :P

  2. Hey girl, I just wanna say thanks so much for your comment,
    It was real sweet :)
    and I really appreciate it!!
    I wanna live on the beach also haaaa, St Lucia? Yes please. haaaa

  3. Sounds like a perfect life...

    Hehe I would definitely do that if I had a rich daddy and mommy and did not have to worry bout bills. ;P

    The Cat Hag


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