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Lush Blogger Event // Review

Last Tuesday I was kindly invited to attend the Lush Nottingham Blogger event. It was actually my first ever bloggers event that I've been invited to so it was pretty exciting! The event allowed us to get a closer look at their growing range of Gorilla Perfumes, body care products including shower gels, soaps, body scrubs and massage bars. We also had a closer look at their Emotional Brilliance Make-up Range (so cool!) which has been out for a while but we were able to try demos and try on some looks which was great! 

I first went over to have a smell of their Gorilla Perfume range which smelt... lush (sorry, couldn't resist!) There was one in particular which I really loved called 'Sun' and this genuinely smelt like sunshine and summer and oranges all mixed into one. It might sound like a really weird scent to have in a perfume but I think it really worked!

After, I went over to try out their Emotional Brilliance range of make-up. This was my fave part! To make it more fun and interesting we all had to take readings and pick out three colours that stood out to us the most after the wheel had been spun round. Each colour had a positive attribute that was meant to describe you or how you felt. 

 I ended up picking out pink, brown and blue which represented me being passionate, quietly motivated and calm. I actually think this was scarily accurate!  I guess passionate is an obvious one seeing as I run a blog and am passionate about the things I blog about! I would say I'm quite a calm person also - I tend to be quite chilled out at times and not a massive fan of drama and quietly motivated I guess would have to do with me having quite a few personal goals and ambitions that I strive to achieve (although, I guess everyone has personal goals and ambitions!)

My colours!

My reading results!
The great thing about the Emotional Brilliance range is that all the make-up products are versatile - they can be used anywhere on your face - as lipstick, eyeliner, mascara etc which is pretty cool! 
Full Emotional Brilliance Make-up range
I then went over to have a look at the shower gels, body scrubs and massage bars, all of which I'm really excited to try out!
Shower gels and body scrubs
Massage bars
Moisturizers... I can't wait to try out the 'Dream Cream'
Myself, Chelsea and Ellie 

All the bloggers who attended including:
Meg from Made in a cup
Sophia from Tattooed Tea Lady
Sammy from Bellini Beauty
Chelsea from Chelsea Jade Loves
Megan from Seek My Scribbles
Harriet from Harriet Manson
Emma from Not Your Average
If I missed anyone out, please let me knooooooow!

I'm so glad I went - there was such a fun, relaxed and chilled out vibe and it was so lovely to meet and chat to some local bloggers!  The Lush staff were so welcoming and friendly and I'm so excited to try out some of their samples. I might do a review post on them if you guys are interested? Let me know! :) 
If you haven't already, make sure to check out Lush and have a look at their wider range of hand made and vegetarian products.  They also don't believe in animal testing which is a bonus and have some great campaigns going on at the moment that you can check out and sign up to!
Top right to bottom: Massage bar, Body scrub, Emotional Brilliance reading, Dirty Springwash Shower Gel, Dream Cream Body moisturiser, Gorilla Perfume, Name tag!

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  1. ooooo im a notts blogger but missed this im so so so gutted :( how do you find out about these things?

    looks amazing, i love lush <3 xxx

  2. This looks great, I love Lush! Can't wait to go back to Nottingham in a few weeks and meet some lovely bloggers :D x

  3. LUSH is always a fantastic experience, I can only imagine the event must have been utterly fabulous!

    I've never been much into their perfumes, but I may have to check out the one you described - it sounds lovely.

  4. omgosh you're so lucky you got to go! i'm so jealous haha :) i love lush, they always have such amazing products there. looks like you had an amazing time there!

  5. gorgeous style, adoring your blog miss!
    would love to see you wearing casper&pearl one day!

    lots of love from the c&p girls,
    casper&pearl blog

  6. Lovely write up! :) It was lovely to meet you! xo

  7. What a great opportunity! So exiting. i really enjoy your blog.
    check out mine if you ever get the chance :)

  8. you definitely know what you're doing.

  9. Ooooh looks like you had a lovely time! I've not been to an event in aaaages as most of them appear to be down south, wish these PR companies would realise that we're getting neglected up north, ha!

    Big fan of their lipies, I quite like the shade "strong". A gorgeous summery colour. Now all we need is sumer to hurry along!



  10. It must be very interesting! :D


  11. OO I love Lush products, these pictures are divine! Thanks for stopping by my blog. Would you like to follow each other?


  12. oooh lush. looks like a fun event!

  13. love LUSH PRODUCTS!!! :*

  14. looks like a really great event!
    xx Kate

    The Style Department

  15. looks like you've had a great time! I love lush cosmetics! xx
    Alice Barton ♥ TheMowWay

  16. Looks like you had an amazing time :) x

  17. I just tried the BB Seaweed, and it feels so good. This event looks great, I bet it was nice to try products you might not have thought of before. Great post lovely. x
    Heroine In Heels

  18. Wow!! Awesome blogger event. Just loved all the things here. Few days ago I went to a similar event that was arranged at one of event venues. It was really awesome with best arrangements. Planning to throw my shop opening party there.


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