Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sunday Diary // Afternoon musings

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It seems that life has played a massive trick on us all.Well, not life but society. I think life is pretty much simple but we choose to over-complicate it way too much. We're always promised things. Things that we may or may not need.  Things that we want but may never get.  I think I've gotten to the point where I realise that all these promises are just empty and meaningless. Because even though we are all living together, this is your life and only you can give yourself the things you dream of.  At Uni, you're promised the best years of your life, and a job at the end of it. When, or should I say if, you get that job you're promised exciting and new opportunities. This can be applied to even the simplest of things like buying a new car - we're promised the ride of our lives, make-up - we're promised full and flawless coverage, a restaurant - we're promised the our best meal yet. Maybe I'm being a bit over the top and reading into things too much today but can people just stop with this please? Promising things that are not able to be fully delivered because the bad parts or the struggles are always missed out, brushed over and forgotten about. And when you open up a magazine and are promised that if you buy their certain product 'you-will-look-like-this-size-0-model' and it doesn't add up to reality, the only person you will think to blame is yourself... and there is something wrong with that. We all just need to be a bit more real with ourselves and each other and stop filling the minds of young people with 'information' that they need to be a certain way or have certain things to be great. Because if people don't have the beautiful body, amazing house, great car, charismatic personality or whatever else, then we don't blame society for leading us to chase these things to feel a sense of self-worth... We will turn to the mirror and blame the person staring back at us for not being...enough. And that is a big problem.

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