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A Few moments With: Gvadlln // Interview #3

One thing that I love about blogging is that it gives us the opportunity to not only experiment with and share our personal style or beauty must-haves, but to also pick up and improve on photography skills. Time and dedication spent on a blog really pays off with the possibility of it leading to other ventures or uncovering other interests. One blogger who knows something about this is Gavina. After having started her blog in sixth form (last two years of High-school), her interest in photography has flourished, allowing her to experiment a little with her outfit posts. To find out more, I decided to ask her a few questions!  

Hello! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hi! I'm a 21 year old university student from London studying a teaching degree in Nottingham. Sounds so boring!

How and why did you first start blogging?
I randomly found Lily's blog  one day and I would read her blog all the time! I was in final year of sixth form (last year of high-school) where we had to wear our own clothes but they had to be smart so I started getting into my own personal style. My first outfit post still makes me cringe but I'm so glad I started it because blogging is now my favourite thing to do. I just wanted to show my style with the lovely people in the blogging community who share the same interest. I wasn't the popular one at school so I needed something to make me special and give me something to be proud of.

How would you describe your style?

I never know how to answer this question because honestly, it changes! One day I'll be wearing jeans, trainers, a shirt and a hoodie and then the next day, I'll be wearing a dress with brogues and a hat! I don't really stick to trends - I take some inspiration from them but I won't shove something to the back of my wardrobe because it's not 'in season'! I still wear some of the clothes I purchased over two years ago! I just like to mix things up, be quirky with some outfits and do things people don't usually think of.

Where or who do you look to for style inspiration?
Blogs. Definitely blogs! Whenever I see my favourite blogger upload an outfit post I can't click the link fast enough. They're just normal people styling themselves - no rich celebs getting styled by a professional stylist! I also love the free magazine stores like H&M and Topshop do as well as Company magazine (editorials and street style) because I take pieces I like and make them fit my style. Oh and let's not forget the way I very obviously look at girls that pass me on the street and think "I need her dress in my life". Sorry if I stare girls!

If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life,  where would it be?
This is so tough because I don't really have a favourite store! Primark and H&M have amazing prices but I often go through phases where I don't like their stock... is it cheating if I say ASOS?! I just think it's the perfect place as their delivery is excellent, there's a wide range of high-street and designer. Their sales are amazing and their models are stunning.

What has been your most recent fashion purchase?
I bought an oversized t-shirt that says "I hate everyone" from Topshop. That doesn't portray a very good image, I know, but I thought it was funny! I'm loving slogan t-shirts and sweaters right now because sometimes at university I'd rather spend time in bed than worry about what I'm wearing so throwing on a t-shirt with some jeans is the best thing.

 I love your use of photography in your blog! What are your top tips for taking the perfect photo?
Thank you! I'm going to be really honest here and tell you that I am honestly the goofiest person when taking outfit photos! It takes me a good ten shots of pulling faces and making weird shapes until I settle down and take a normal photo. Even then I do my classic moody face and get told off for not smiling! I would say find a place near where you live that has a pretty background (use your garden next to your mums flowers!) and get posing. Remember to show your outfit but also remember to look natural and not like you're a scarecrow! As for product photos, use a plain background, something like your duvet, a towel, a blanket, a dress. Keep the background colour quite neutral and let the product do the talking.

You also recently started up a photography blog! How is that going?
It's going quite well! I thought I would start one to talk more about the shoots I do because although it's all about the photos, I like to give a story behind them too. I've posted regularly throughout summer as I did various shoots and I'm hoping this continues when I'm in Nottingham for university. So if you're interested in a shoot let me know!

Where else can we find you?
This year you will find me in the library as it's a very important year at university for me! Cry. But online you can find me...
Style & Beauty Blog | YouTube | Photography Blog | Blog Facebook | Photography Facebook | Twitter 


I hope you guys liked this third interview and series so far! If any of you want to take part/be interviewed then let me know by sending a quick e-mail! Or if you just want to leave your feedback then, you know, that would be great too! Have a great week  :)

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