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A Few Moments With: Bambella Blog // Interview #4

I first came across Alex's blog after taking part in a #lbloggers chat a couple of months back on twitter and instantly fell in love with her style - girly and quirky with an edge that will surely leave you with some inspiration for your own outfits and as a self confessed accessories-kinda-girl, Alex's blog always makes me promise myself to incorporate more jewelry into my day to day outfits. Not only does she share her personal style but money saving posts, DIY posts along with beauty, lifestyle and food posts all feature on her blog too.  I decided to ask Alex a few questions on blogging, her fashion design course and her outfit choice for a super cool themed date night...

Hello! Can you tell us a bit about yourself? 
Hello there! I'm Alex, 20 years of age, studying fashion design in Falmouth and want nothing more in life to blog and be a wedding dress designer.

How and why did you get into blogging?
I was first introduced to blogs when I started my own little jewellery shop. I wanted to get the shop's name out there so looked to bloggers to review my items. It was then that I started reading blogs purely out of interest and became addicted! From that, it seemed like the most natural step to create my own!

What advice would you give for anyone new to blogging and the blogging community? 
Most people tend to say social media for this answer, and although I do agree that it helps, I think that you need an aesthetically pleasing blog first as, you can get thousands of people to visit your blog through Twitter and Facebook, but if they don't like the look of your blog, they'll click off straight away. Doing a little research will help with this, such as Googling 'how to ... on blogger'. You will find loads of tutorials to help spruce up your blog a little. This is just my opinion though so don't hate on me if you disagree!  

You are currently studying Fashion design at University, has your blog helped with elements of your course?
Yes! It was a huge help to me getting on the course in the first place! Last year I was doing a different course at Falmouth and decided it wasn't for me, so went to see the head of the fashion course to ask about changing. Turns out he had already done a little research on me, found my blog, had a browse through and ended up loving it! As I had never done any previous fashion/textiles subjects at school, I think my blog was the main aspect that got me onto the course.

Who are your favourite designers at the moment?
Sorry to be cliché but it always has been and always will be Alexander McQueen. I love his style as it is the exact same thing I would love to be able to produce. The detail in his (or now the different people who work on his behalf) is just perfection in my eyes, I'm definitely not a believer in 'less is more'!

What are your best ways to personalize an outfit?
I find any average looking outfit can look more interesting with jewellery. I am a crazy jewellery fan and have way too much for my own good, so love wearing it at any opportunity! 

Date night is coming up! How would you style your outfit?
Well as it just so happens, mine and Jack's date night is in fact coming up! This weeks pick from the 'date ideas' jar was a themed night. We chose a pirate theme, so along with watching Pirates of the Caribbean and drinking rum, I'll probably be wearing a flouncy shirt, striped waistcoat, plain black skirt with knee high boots and fishnets to top it off! 

Where else can we find you?
Aside from my Blog of course, I have Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest all under the name alexmaceachern, YouTube under the name Alex Maceachern Bambella and Facebook by searching for Bambella Blog. 


Hope you liked this interview! Let me know your thoughts below.

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  1. I love her style! Great interview x

  2. Thanks for sharing this Saadiya! Alex has amazing style, I love the ombre fur jacket and just stalked Alexs blog to see where its from but its sold out :( haha searching Ebay for it now..
    rara from RepeatPiece

    1. Glad you like it! :) Ahh no, hope you manage to find it on Ebay! :) x

  3. I love interviews like these!

    Emma x

  4. Beautiful girl! In love with her already so I'm off to follow her!

    Style Blog // Photography Blog // Photography Facebook

  5. ahh love alex's blog! one of my favourites- lovely outfits too! xx

    1. It's such a graet blog, glad I came across it! :) xx

  6. This was an awesome interview. You're really good at interviewing & ask some really good questions :)

    x leah symonne x

  7. Love her style!

  8. Just came across this again and was so lovely to read all the wonderful comments! Thank you all and you in particular Saadiya!

    Alex xx


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