Friday, 15 November 2013

Urban Outfitters comes to Nottingham!!

Cool because, well, it's Urban Outfitters. Exciting because, you have no idea how much people have been talking about the store opening. It's like the highlight of the year for Nottingham shoppers (slight exaggeration? I dunno...) I was lucky enough to be invited along to the press day and went along with Gavina yesterday to take a look round which was pretty exciting! I've only ever been in the one in Liverpool One so it's nice to have one here in Notts that I can check out IN REAL LIFE instead of browsing through their online collection (and perhaps spend all my money in? Oh dear...)
Every time I go shopping I've started paying more attention to mannequins and how they're styled which I never really did before for some reason (I used to just ignore them and think 'oh they're dressed too cool for me to try' haha!).  I love the layering of different colours and textures on these mannequins and as soon as I finish writing up this post I'm going to YouTube how to tie a scarf/turban so I can gain extra cool points (you think I'm joking...)

Apart from loving the Urban Outfitters brand/style I also love love love the general design and vibe of the store.  It's a lot bigger than I thought and myself and Gavina kept commenting on the quite rustic/old school vibe it gave off with graffiti and street style art dotted around. There's also a Vinyl wall and an area full of quirky books and gift ideas (I'm pretty sure I saw a couple of furby's hidden at the back somewhere!) adding  to the whole shopping experience.

If you live in/near Nottingham and haven't done so already then you should probably go and check out the store for yourself, it's so flipppin cool! It's in such a great location too (the entrance to Victoria Centre) and it's opened just in time for some serious Christmas shopping. I'm so glad I got to go along to check it out so thank you to the guys at Urban Outfitters for the invite! I was also lucky enough to pick out an item so I shall do a separate outfit post for that so look out for that! Also, make sure to check out the #UONottingham hashtag on instagram for some pictures from their store opening party last night!

What do you guys think of the store? 

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  1. Ugh, I love Urban!!!<3

  2. Your photos are awesome! I know what you mean about the mannequins - I loved the outfit inspiration! xo

  3. love your photos, and those mannequins are styled so nicely.

  4. Lovely photos! I am not a usual fan of urban outfitters but this has purseuded me to have a little look in the Leeds store... Lovely blog and I have followed on GFC sweetie!
    Lots of love,
    Georgia | For the Love of Thrift


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