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A Few Moments With: Being Ashleigh // Interview #7

London based blogger Ashleigh is a photography student and freelance stylist. A self-confessed lover of layering, mixing textures & patterns and the super casual 'just rolled outta bed' look, her blog, Being Ashleigh, captures her cool, casual and creative style along with lifestyle posts and behind the scenes of her freelance work.  I've mentioned a few times before about the opportunities a blog can offer you and Being Ashleigh is a great testament to that and so to find out more I decided to ask her a few questions on blogging, her freelance work as a stylist and her blogging goals for 2014.

Hello Ashleigh! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello! I am a twenty one year old from London. I’m in my final year at UEL studying Photography and I run a fashion and lifestyle blog. I also work in Sainsburys; so I’ll give them a shout out too!

How and why did you first get into blogging?
I have always had a presence on the internet since my early teens. My blog was originally started on Tumblr which I used and still to this day as a mood board for inspiration and pretty things. I then started a passion for reviewing beauty products so I changed my aesthetic on Tumblr and strictly only used it to write up beauty reviews. I then realised one day I wanted my blog to be that bit more professional, so I started a proper blog.

What are your top 3 tips for blogging?
One: Be consistent. I often have blogging breaks due to too much pressure or sometimes I am just too damn busy to blog but I always try to blog at least three times a week to keep my readers wanting more.
Two: Be patient. When I first started my blog (and all the big bloggers will agree!), followings were slow at first and I had zero comments on my posts. However, once you find your niche, people will find your blog and a network of followers will start to build up.
Three: Enjoy it. Don’t blog just for the sake of getting a post up. That’s how you know you aren’t enjoying blogging for you. Never feel pressure to fit in with people either. It will take control.

What are the trends you’re excited to see everyone rocking this year?
Probably the skater trend! I am a huge fan of simplicity and the “just got out of bed and don’t give a crap what I look like” look. I’m quite excited to mix it up a bit with high waisted shorts, a bra-let, oversized shirt and vans. Oh Summer, hurry.

Where do you get style inspiration from?
Definitely other bloggers mostly! I’m always buying clothes I like on other bloggers. Tumblr and the street style features in Company magazine also help a lot!

If you could shop in one store for the rest of your life, where would it be?
Topshop, obvz.

You’re currently working as a freelance stylist which is cool! Has your blog helped with element of your work?
That’s right :) Definitely! My blog helps me a lot to get me opportunities. For example, I mentioned it in a job interview and got the job. When applying for stylist jobs or even assisting jobs and internships, I always mention Being Ashleigh which I think helps as the person offering the position then questions it and possibly checks it out at home on the sly!

Do you have an plans/goals for your blog this year?
I have quite a few. I slack at getting outfit posts up consistently so this is something I really need to work on. I also want to extend my blog more and start making consistent Youtube videos. It’s also been a goal of mine for a while to get my blog mentioned in a magazine (in print).

Lunch with the girls is coming up! How would you style your outfit?
I’d probably play it stylish but easy and comfy. I’d got for an oversized smock dress, my black fedora hat from H&M and some little ankle boots… not forgetting my very much loved black faux fur coat from Topshop!

Thank you! Where else can we find you?
My pleasure! My blog is Being Ashleigh, I have Twitter and Instagram too at @ashllyd 


Check out my latest YouTube video for all you 20-somethings out there HERE! 

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  1. Great interview as always Saadiya, always find someone new and interesting to follow! And I love the last picture with the glasses!
    rabia from RepeatPiece

  2. this is such a great interview! i love her style

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