Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Begin again // OOTD

Shirt; Urban Outfitters || Turtleneck; I have no idea but I'll say Vintage so it sounds cool || High-waisted jeans; New Look

WELL HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS!!!!! How lovely is it to see in the New Year happy and healthy! I don't think I'll ever stop loving New Years and just the whole vibe going on around this time of year. It might be cliche or annoying for everyone to be like 'New Year, New Me!!' but I really, honestly, love it.  I've made some New Year resolutions this year too and I think, instead of trying to achieve them all at once, I'll concentrate on one a month, focusing on that. Apparently it only takes a month to break/get into a habit so I figured that would be a good take on it.

You know what else I'm loving...? This shirt from Urban Outfitters! (smooth link, real smooth...) I saw it on their website while browsing and just love the colour. I was actually in search of a jumper but thought I may as well pop this in to my basket too. It's actually a lot more richer in colour in real life than it was on the model but, unsurprisingly, I love it for that. I think I may have misjudged the size though as I got it in a large but ooooooohhhhhhhhhh welllllll, it's a nice piece to just throw on over something. I also purchased some high-waisted jeans from New Look which is not like me as I usually stick to standard skinnies but, yeah, I'm loving these too.

Hope you all enjoyed the New Year celebrations! Do you love New Year's as much as me or just hate it? How do you make sure you stick to your New Year Resolutions? 

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  1. Happy new year! I love your jacket the colour is gorgeous.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  2. Happy New Year Saadiya! I wish you all the best! And that turtleneck is gorgeous <3


    Sade xo

  3. Happy New Year, amy everything you wish for come true :) I like the idea of concentrating on a month! That outfit suites you very well :)
    xx Lisa

  4. Love the turtleneck. Happy New Year :) x

  5. I can't believe it's already January AND 2014! Crazy! Wishing you the best for 2014!
    Love your shirt color! Great find!

  6. Happy New Year! Loving the colour of this shirt :)

    Hannah x

  7. LOVE this shirt on you! The colour is so you. Need to have a UO shop with you soon :)

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