Monday, 17 November 2014

A Few Moments With: In My Sunday Best // Interview #10

In My Sunday Best is one of my favourite blogs in the blogosphere right now and I'm super excited about sharing this interview! Sade's style is the perfect mix between elegance, grace and casual wear that all blends seamlessly together, whether it's layers for winter or cute dresses for the summer months, her style is pretty much flawless.  Her blog is pretty great for style inspiration and often infused with lifestyle and personal posts which proves to be the perfect addition. Oh, and her photography? It's pretty awesome!! To find out more, I decided to ask her a few questions on her style, photography tips and staying creative.

Hello Sade! Could you tell us a bit about yourself?
Hello! I'm an Architecture graduate, coffee connoisseur and floral fanatic. I write over on

 How and why did you get into blogging?
I'm honestly not really sure, I think it began more as a place for me to share my illustrative and photographic work and just spiraled into so much! I read blogs like Jazzabelle's Diary, What Olivia Did and Shirley's Wardrobe for serious inspiration when I first started!
In three words, how would you describe your style? 
Difficult question! I think I'd like to describe it as an eclectic mix of lady-like wear with a bit of kitsch to it!

What are you looking forward to for A/W 14?
Oh it has to be the crunchy leaves, warm mugs of hot chocolate and having multiple snuggly duvet days!

You've just graduated from university after studying Architecture! Congratulations! Did your blog help shape your creativity in your professional life? Did your course ever influence your blog posts?
It has helped keep me creative, and granted me a lot of opportunities, but unfortunately in the case of Architecture (at least where I'm at in life now) the two have yet to collide! My course has influenced this blog post, in which I talk about the realities of life after university.
Last year your blog was shortlisted for 'best use of photography' at the Company Magazine Blog Awards! How do you manage to incorporate such beautiful photography with a simple OOTD post?
It was indeed! And it was such an honour to be up against professional bloggers! I have to give the credit to the people who have shot my outfit posts over the years haha! 

What top tips would you give to someone wanting to improve the photography on their blog?
It's a difficult one, because on one hand you can get some pretty good shots with a phone, however they will never be the same quality as using a good DSLR and a good lens. Don't put yourself out of pocket though! I've been using my Pentax Ist DS for about four years now, and I currently use a 50mm f 1.8 lens which is amazing for blog photography as it gives you that gorgeous depth of field.
How do you manage to maintain your creativity?
By blogging and being sociable! The best part of being a blogger is meeting new people and sharing interests! 

So tonight you're meeting friends for dinner! What look will you go for?
Most probably a LBD, some vintage jewellery and some killer heels. Add some red lippy and you've got my look down to a T!

Thank you! Where else can we find you?
You can find me on InstagramTwitter and Pinterest :)

Find me on: YouTube | Bloglovin | Twitter | Instagram: @thatgirlsaadiya


  1. I love her as well!!
    and her blog photography is amazing!

  2. Thank you soooo much for the kind words and the feature Saadiya! So sweet of you! <3

  3. I like the styles in this post!


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