Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Wardrobe Basics // The Cosy Jumpers


Hat; Matalan // Mint Green; Tesco // Dark Blue; Primark // Bright Pink; H&M //
Green & White; Found in the back of my wardrobe, I suspect it's from a market of some sort

Autumn and Winter is upon us. Which means dark nights, scented candles and cosy jumpers (among other things).  I have to say that I much prefer Spring and Summer - everything is so much lighter and happier, but sometimes nothing beats a big old jumper, layered over a shirt with a chunky scarf, hat and your favourite pair of boots.  I have far to many jumpers to count (yep, self confessed jumper horder over hereeee) but these four are my favourite.  The first mint green one from Tesco is oversized and is the perfect throw-on-and-go jumper. It's big, it's comfy and it's a great colour too. The second blue one is also oversized (hmmm, I'm seeing a recurring theme here...) from primark and is long enough to be worn as a sort of jumper/dress type thing. Imagine pairing it with some knee high boots and a great winter coat and you're good to go. So the bottom two are actually my size with a perfect fit and thick enough to keep warm. I found the green and white one at the bottom of my wardrobe when I was having a clear out and couldn't really bring myself to throw it out and I bought the pink one from H&M because WELL, IT'S PINK. The nights might be darker earlier but it doesn't mean you can't rock a bit of colour through November and December, amiright, amiright?? Ha.

I hope you guys liked this post! Been a bit of a struggle trying to get ootd posts up so I thought I would adapt it slightly! Let me know if it works or if outfit posts are best when they are worn and photographed, not just folded neatly on the floor!

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