Sunday, 3 July 2011

I named a star for you.

I have had this song on replay all friggin day. 
It's beautiful. It reminds me of hazy summer days where you don't really have  much to do but daydream.
And what a great name also, Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

I named a star for you,
I named a star after you,
But that wasn't bright enough for you.

I climbed a hill for you,
I climbed a hill just for you,
But you said "That's nothing new, what does that prove?"

I know if I find what you hide in your mind, I'll get lost in it,
I'll wait for the day when I find a way to make you mine.


  1. Had to give you the lovely blog award aswell :P :)

  2. I knoww me too! It's so sweet and aww thank you so muuuuch!! :) xo

  3. I downloaded his EP when i heard one of his songs on Radio 1 & this song stuck out to me big time. Although i was going through a break up so it probably wasn't for the best reasons haha. Anyway...i think this guy is great!

  4. Aww I know It's defo a break-up song lol, glad it helped you get through it though!
    Thank you for your comment :)


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