Friday, 8 July 2011

'You are my childhood'

Yesterday was the World Premiere of Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows, Part 2.

I can't believe the Harry Potter franchise, series, entiiiire thing is actually coming to an end!
It's been a long 14 years. I still remember when the first book, Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone first came out in 1997 and me and my brother would literally stay up aaaall night just to read it. And then the last book, Harry Potter and Deathly Hallows was published in 2007. I remember the hype, and I remember how I managed to bargain the price down to like half price! The last book was probably my favourite, it was so full of surprises I did not see them coming at all, especially the one concerning Severus Snape - who knew???!!!

It's so sad that it's coming to an end. Harry Potter has literally been mine and my brothers childhood. From when I was seven to seventeen the books have literally been the best books I have read. I don't think there has ever been or ever will be anything like this phenomenon again. You can't even compare Twilight to it. I used to get into reading it so much I'd actually be scared to mention Voldemorts name sometimes, seriously, as if he was real and if I just mentioned him he would turn up unannounced.
I know Harry Potter is not for every one, like there are still loads of people who have never read the books or seen the film but you can not argue with me that there is probably no-one on the face of this earth who has not heard of Harry Potter; The Boy who Lived.
AHH, I can not wait for the film to finally come out, I've always thought the film has not really lived up to the books but I'm still mega excited to see the final instalment on the big screen.

'There was a girl who came-up to me the other day in the street, sort of ballooned out of the pavement in front of me like she’d Apparated. She must have been early twenties and she said to me “You are my childhood”. About the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.' - JK ROWLING
This is so true.

It's kind of incredible how Harry Potter was formed, JK Rowling, she was just sat in coffee shop one day and the idea was formed. I'd hate to be some of the publishers that turned her story of the boy Wizard down. Can you imagiiiiiiiine? They'll be kicking themselves for the rest of their lives. 
It's crazy but Harry Potter has be immense. You may love him or you may hate him but you can't escape him, especially living in England. 
For me, it covers Courage, the ultimate fight of Good vs Evil, Friendship, Wisdom, Daring and Bravery. Oh and magic. Can not forget about the magic.

Anywaaay, the premiere last night was mega, everyone was looking fiiiiine.
I loved Emma Watson's £8,000 Oscar De La Renta gold and grey dress.
I Feel like I've grown up with Emma Watson also. She used to be like my favourites actress haha, but yeah she's stunning, she kinda just oozes classiness.

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  1. I have never really been deep into harry potter but seriously you making me wanna go out there and at least watch the last movie ( i doubt i'll be reading the book coz i'll have to start from the beginning and i'm not much of a reader :P)
    Amazing won't really define J. K. Rowling. is it really possible to have that much creativity? :O
    despite that i wasn't really following it its kinda sad its coming to an end, but like all good things i guess :)

  2. Ah I loved th eHarry Potter Series!! my sister doesnt like it though lol.
    But yeaah defo watch the films!! (Though they aren't as good lol)
    I knooow, truly epic how she came up with the idea for Harry Potter, I guess it's what everyone wanted at the time, just a bit of magic :)
    I know, it will still live on which is good :)
    Thanks for your comment!! xo

  3. I also can't believe it's the end of all major Harry Potter media. Potter was such a big part of life during my school days. Sort of sad but life keeps moving on, I suppose!

  4. I know same with me! I remember whenver the new books came out and the next day everyone had them! lol, thank you for your comment :)

  5. i feel like a nerd bc im going to miss this series too! My has emma grown up so much!


  6. wow with the franchise done it's like the end of our childhood...damn! I'm gonna geek all over this movie and might shed a tear when it comes out...

  7. Mmmh, I did love the books, but for some reason I've never been able to stand the films...think it's the British accents for some reason they always rub me up the wrong way lol X

  8. Thanks for your comments guys!
    Ah yess, I too shall maybe shed a tear! lol.

    And @Kam, I know what you mean, I think its Mr Radcliffes acting that I cant stand!

  9. i quit reading after the 3rd, but man you're making me want to go back and read them all now! i love the girl telling jk rowling she was her childhood, so so sweet :)

  10. Great post! "Harry Potter" was a big part of my childhood too... So, I have mixed feelings about the ending of the whole epoch...

    I wrote some posts about Harry too. Please, visit my blog!)


  11. Ahhh, I'm so sad about it, too! Harry Potter literally was my childhood... I can't believe it's all ending.

    x Michelle |

  12. Thanks for your comments guys!!
    I know, doubt there will be anything like it again!

    And Hannah, you should defo read all of them now!! :)

  13. Haven't seen it... Yet! Cannot wait though

  14. Oh, just yesterday I saw the last film, and I felt so sad... You are right, Harry Potter is our childhood.

    Emma looks so beautiful and Rupert... I love him!



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