Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wall of Dreams

I recently came across the Candy Chang Projects here and just think the 'Before I die...' project is truly inspiring, reminding me a bit of PostSecret.

Candy Chang is a public instillation artist, designer and urban planner. She works at 'making Cities more comfortable for people' by turning public places into thought provoking, vibrant, communication tools and ultimately  improving neighbourhoods.

Her 'Before I die...' project started in New Orleans where she turned an abandoned house into a 'wall of dreams' allowing people living in the neighbourhood to write down what they would like to do before they died. You can imagine the many different types of responses given, some funny, some emotional, some silly and some inspiring.  Either way, people were able to learn of the hopes and dreams of those that they lived with.

This is what the wall looked like after just three days:

With the huge amount of response, Candy is having to wipe off the board so that more entries can come in, however, she is compiling all the comments into a book that will be available soon!

I think this such a great idea, I wish I had one in my town! It makes you think about your life and the one thing, or couple of things, you would truly love to do.

I have thought long and hard about what I would write on this wall and I think (after changing my mind about 50 times!) I would put 'Before I die I want to learn how to be strong, live with no regrets, travel the world and see things that truly inspire me'. Maybe these are slightly unrealistic but I don't really mind, for me it's just about letting your mind dream and reach far beyond your everyday routines to think about what it is you really want to do, and what it is that may be holding you back.

So I ask you guys, if you had a wall like this in your town, what would you write down??

You can check out more of Candy's projects on her website, I also love the 'Career Path' project which asks the question - 'When I was little I wanted to be... Today I want to be...' My favourite answer that had been written was 'When I was little I wanted to be grown up. Today I want to be a kid.'


  1. I've seen this, I think it's brilliant. Before I die...
    I want to travel the world. x hivenn

  2. wow! this is amazing and truly inspirational!

    i honestly don't know what i'd like to do before i die, but thing for sure is that i'd like to make my momma proud of me..

    [] xx
    [] xx

  3. oh wow this is more than an amzing idea.. I sincerely can't give you an answer straight away..
    Right now i would say.. before i die i want to make a difference in the world.. but again my answer is likely to change in the next hour lol :P :)

  4. Thanks guys for sharing your thoughts!

    @Jazzy, hopefully one day!
    @Yazmin, aww, that is such a sweet thing :)
    @Sauniya, I knoow, I changed my mind over and over again lol.

  5. this is amazing!!! i want to find this wall asap! thanks for the blog lovin' girl!

  6. I haven't heard of any of these projects and I love them!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

    Kimberly, FWB

  7. Ha, "create a life and take one" - brilliant. This is a really lovely post; no idea what I'd put down... probably something extremely cliché like "make an impact" or "make my dreams come true"... x

  8. @Mr Taylor & his Lady. Noo problem! Ah yess, I want to find it too!

    @Kimberly, Thanks! :)

    @Emma, Haha, that one is so funny, imagine who wrote it?? Ah but Cliche is good sometimes :)

    Thanks for your comments guys!

  9. this is so cool! great post! before i die, i want to go to 100 countries, all 50 states, and fall in love! :)

  10. Great blog! (I'm following)

    I love your posts, :)

    Regards from

  11. Thnakyou guys for your comments and thoughts!
    @Leigh, fall in love definatly!
    @ES Thank you :)
    @Twad'dler Thankyou!! :)


  12. I love that idea!
    Before I die I want to go to Tokyo =)

  13. Such a great idea, love it.


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